Structural Biology


The Structural Biology portal is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at Iowa State University and beyond. Our goal is to provide non-specialist and specialist users with an overview of the structural biology instrumentation available on campus. Our dedicated group of research scientists and faculty can provide expert guidance to researchers through every stage of a project.

Why structural biology?

Detailed structural information is critical for unveiling the molecular basis of biological pathways. Yet macromolecules are too small to be observed even with the most advanced light-based microscopes. Techniques that rely on much shorter wavelengths are necessary to visualize the three-dimensional structure of biomolecules. These techniques include:

Many structural biology studies combine microscopy and spectroscopy techniques with complementary biophysical methods also available on campus, such as:


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We are grateful to the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust for their long-standing support, which has been instrumental for acquiring the Cryo-EM and solution NMR instruments.